Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

We have started Teleber by Withstanding international pressures: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said we have started Teleber by withstanding international pressure. "As a country, when we started mobile money transfer services, we did not give licenses to international organizations to protect the Country’s interest," said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. He said the company has to increase its ability to compete with foreign companies.

He said Ethio Telecom should be able to carry out its services effectively and in a disciplined manner. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that the mobile money transfer service was offered to the government 10 years ago but failed at the time.

Ethio Telecom Chief Executive Officer, Frehiwot Tamiru, on her part said the company has provided a different telecom service to its customers in the past 127 years. Teleber is designed to benefit rural and low-income people in the financial sector and is a means of receiving, sending and purchasing, according to its CEO.

Teleber will reduce the cost of printing money and make the money accessible to the wider community. It is expected that 53 million people will use Teleber and the service will be available in five languages, she said.



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