Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Venezuela hosts international forum in support of Palestine

Venezuela hosted an international forum Thursday to discuss and condemn Israel‘s actions against the people of Palestine.

The online forum was organized by Venezuela’s Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas, with the support of the Luis Antonio Bigott Center for International Studies for Decolonization.

The event was titled “Jewish roots against the genocide in Palestine.” Several politicians, activists, journalists and academics took part who are Jews or descendants of Jews but reject the actions of the Israeli government.

During their presentations, the participants discussed the origins, consequences and potential solutions to the conflict taking place between Israel and Palestine.

Argentine journalist Jorge Elbaum, for instance, argued that until Israel ends its colonization, the acts of violence will continue.

“The central issue of violence in the Middle East has to do with the military occupation of Palestinian territory. And until this ends, until the furious and brutal colonization that occurs in Palestine does end, the situations of violence will return again and again,” Elbaum said.

Prof. Silvana Rabinovich then raised an important question for the discussion.

“Why does the term genocide apply to what is happening in Palestine? Because each of the six aspects of a genocide are met. First, the construction of a negative otherness, labeling the Palestinians as enemies. Second, the illegal physical harassment, administrative detentions, among other arbitrary acts against the Palestinians. Third, the isolation of Gaza. Fourth, the systematic weakening of the Palestinian state and people. Fifth, the extermination of the people. Sixth, the creation of symbols that value genocidal practices,” said Rabinovich.

Brazilian journalist Breno Altman denounced the lack of support from the international community in general and international media in particular.

He said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is attacking Palestine to “obtain internal political support.”

“The aggressive fury of Benjamin Netanyahu, which pushes Zionist nationalism to the limit to obtain internal political support, has already killed almost 300 Palestinians, including children, women, the elderly. Hypocritically, much of the Western press calls the situation a ‘conflict.’ It is a genocide, pure a simple, planned by superior military forces, especially the air force,” said Altman.


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