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Unique Culture Practices in Africa

Unique Culture Practices in Africa

There are many unique cultural practices in Africa. One such practice is the Khweta ceremony, performed by several tribes in southern Africa. This ceremony is a way to prove a young man’s manhood. When they reach adulthood, boys are sent to circumcision camps for several days or weeks during the winter, where they are subjected to rigorous and often dangerous tests and rituals, such as dancing continuously until exhausted.

 The Oromo people are one of the largest ethnic groups in East Africa, with a population of more than 25 million people. The Oromo people have a rich and unique culture that has developed over thousands of years. Here are some interesting facts about Oromo culture is Gadaa system. The Gadaa system is a traditional system of governance used by the Oromo people. It is based on an eight-year power transmission cycle from one generation to the next. This system is designed to promote democracy, social justice and equality.

Another interesting custom is the bull jumping ceremony of the Ethiopian Hamer tribe. To prove their manhood, young men must run, jump and land on the back of a bull before attempting to run on the backs of several bulls. They do it multiple times and often naked. The Lobola tradition is an ancient and controversial tradition in South Africa in which the bride and groom’s families negotiate the amount of money the groom must pay the bride. All negotiations must be in writing – never over the phone or in person. The two families cannot even talk to each other until the negotiations are complete. Other unique cultural practices include:

  Red Indian:  Himba women in northern Namibia often apply a layer of butter, lard and red ocher called outsize to their skin and hair, giving it a distinctive red color.

 Wodaabe Court Dance: The Wodaabe tribe in Niger organizes a court dance in which men disguise themselves in elaborate costumes and makeup to attract women.

 Bullfighting Festival: In Angola’s Cunene province, bullfighting is a popular sport that takes place during festivals. Unlike Spanish bullfighting, there is no killing. Instead, the two bulls fought in front of everyone.

Gerewol Festival: The Gerewol Festival is an annual royal ceremony of the Wodaabe people of Niger. Men wear elaborate costumes and makeup to attract women.

Benna’s jump: The Benna people of Ethiopia hold a dance ceremony called “ukuli bula”, in which young men jump over rows of cows to prove they are men.



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