Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

The Federal Police Commission announced successful a week-long joint operation with Addis Ababa Police

In its first phase of the implementation of its plan the Federal Police Commission, along side of Addis Abeba Police Commission was able to reduce the incidences of organized robbery and murder, kidnapping and killing on privately owned cars, vehicle theft, arms smuggling and money laundering.

The commission has arrested 359 suspects who are now being investigated. In addition to seizing illegal weapons, local counterfeit currency and various foreign currencies and vehicles suspected of entering the country illegally, the commission recovered eight out of ten stolen meter taxi vehicles and a truck. Two of the meter taxi vehicles were recovered after being dismembered. A lot of stolen mobile phones were recovered and returned to owners.

In the joint operation, the Federal Police Commission and Addis Abeba police commission arrested sellers who stored away large quantities of goods, exacerbating inflation. Four individuals suspected of switching between car dealerships by using fake IDs and stealing cars were arrested.

The commission vowed to continue this joint operation and thanked the residents of Addis Abeba for their cooperation.
Source: Ethiopia Federal Police Commission


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