Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

The Executive Committee of the Prosperity Party concluded its meeting

Members of Prosperity Party Executive Committee

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the meeting of the Prosperity Executive Committee has concluded.

The Executive Committee of the Prosperity Party has issued a message advising on national and geopolitical issues and called on Ethiopians to stand as “one voice and one heart“.
In its message, the party said the geo-political environment in Ethiopia is still the focus of the world.

The party, which claims to be the world’s second largest trading partner after the Mediterranean Sea, is believed to have significant political and economic influence in the region.

The party said it will work to resolve the border issue peacefully.

The party said that in the name of peace and human rights, there is an impact on Ethiopia in order to create a total pressure on Ethiopia. He explained that the work behind the change will be a setback in the name of diplomacy. Junta, which is classified as a terrorist, is being supported by some by some of our diplomatic partners.

He said there is no doubt that Ethiopians’ internal problems will be resolved through dialogue and negotiation, and that these issues will be resolved over time.

However, we have to struggle against the external challenges that are time-consuming by unity.

According to ENA, all parties are called upon to make the necessary efforts to ensure a democratic election. The party said that we must complete all the projects we have started by working together as many as possible.


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