Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

The administration of the Bench Sheko zone joins Dawuro and Kaffa zones in denouncing the postponement of the South West Region referendum

“There is no reason for the postponement of the referendum if the national election is to be held.” the administration of the Bench Sheko Zone said in a statement released yesterday. The administrator of the Zone, Fikre Aman said “The zonal administration has been putting a lot of effort into realizing the people’s long standing demand for a referendum.” He also explained that the decision by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) to postpone the referendum to September 6, 2021 is ‘Unclear’.

Fikre said that holding the referendum on the same day would have saved human and material resources and added that no clear explanation has been given as to what the election will be like in light of the postponement of the referendum. “This has created confusion to the community as well.” he said.

The zonal administrator demanded that the NEBE give a clear explanation about the undertaking of the national elections in the zone. Fikre inquired “The community who has been eagerly waiting for the referendum deserves to be given the fundamental reasons behind its postponement.”

He concluded by asking the NEBE to rethink its decision and reschedule the referendum to its previous timetable.

Source : Bench Sheko Zone Communication Affairs


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