Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Regional State replaces Police Commissioner
The Amhara regional state has replaced its chief police commissioner Abere Adamu (first picture) by Tekola Ayfokiru (second picture), the BBC Amharic reported. Commissioner Tekola assumed his position as of April 27, replacing the outgoing Commissioner Abere who has been in the position for more than two years.

Commissioner Tekola, who has a masters degree in peace and security studies, has served at federal level as, among others, the deputy police commissioner of the Federal Police Commission. Among his other portfolios include services at various ranks within the Amhara region Police Commission including deputy Police Commissioner, Police Chief of South Wello zone, Kombolcha city, and North Shewa zone police department head.

His appointment came in the heels of recent violence in South Wello, North Shewa and Oromo Special zone of the Amhara regional state which has claimed the lives of hundreds and caused the displacement of more than 300, 000 civilians as well as property damages of immense proportions in cities like Ataye.

Following the violence, regional president Agegnehu Teshager said that efforts were underway to look at the security establishments, including the police, of the regional state in order to address the problem from its root.

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