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Pixels Solution Wins Africa’s Most Outstanding Technology Company

Pixels Solution Wins Africa’s Most Outstanding Technology Company
Pixels Solution Wins Africa’s Most Outstanding Technology Company

Pixels Solution won the award for Best Technology Company in Africa Pixels was announced as Africa’s Best Tech Company of the Year 2023. The award was presented to the company at the 2023 Africa Brand Congress held in Lagos.

The Africa Brand Leadership Merit Awards is an initiative of the Africa Brand Congress (ABC). The conference is designed to educate, engage and inspire brand managers and professionals in the pursuit of best practices in brand building and value creation.

Africa Brand Congress, an annual celebration of the organizations behind Africa’s most successful and sought-after brands, celebrates leadership, innovation and creativity, while recognizing exceptional impact of diverse business organizations from different sectors in the research report written by the technical committee.

The awards ceremony attracts industry leaders, dignitaries and technology experts from across the African continent. The creative contributions of Pixels Solution Ltd. in the technology industry have distinguished itself, earning a coveted title.

Pixels have pioneered many software innovations in diverse industries such as education, law, real estate, fin tech, aviation and telecommunications.

Pixels CEO, Okey Udeogu, reacting to the development said:

“This award recognizes the hard work the Pixels team has put in to develop working software.

“Our motto is that software should be simple, elegant, transparent and intuitive to use. At Pixels, we are committed to developing solutions that create the best digital experiences for our customers.

The company’s Corporate Relations Manager, Adeola Adeyemi, received the award. She speaks:

“On behalf of our company, I am extremely honored to receive the 2023 Africa Best Technology Company of the Year award. This recognition is a testament to the hard work, dedication and innovative spirit of our entire team.

“In a country full of potential, technology plays a central role in shaping our future and our mission is to create solutions that address Africa’s unique challenges. This award reminds us of our responsibility to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in technology.

A diverse audience, including prominent technology figures and prominent business leaders, attended the event.



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