Mon. May 27th, 2024

Kenyan policeman kills 6 including wife before turning gun on self

A Kenyan police officer shot and killed six people before committing suicide in Nairobi.

Investigators say Benson Imbatu went home with his AK47 rifle and picked a quarrel with his wife, Carol.

Neighbors and bodaboda riders rushed to the house after hearing gunshots to check out what had happened.

Witnesses say the officer stepped out of the home and opened fire, killing five people.

“He went on a shooting spree pursuing his targets far away from the house,” said one of the neighbors who had hidden in her house

Two other people were shot and seriously wounded and are admitted to the Kenyatta National Hospital.

Police who were called to the scene surrounded the house before they heard a gunshot and later discovered he had committed suicide by shooting himself in the neck.

CGTN Africa Reported


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