Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Juba traders shut shops, accused JCC of unnecessary fines and levies.

Juba traders shut shops, accused JCC of unnecessary fines and levies. Some traders in Juba have closed their shops in protest of what they call mistreatment by city authorities. Shops in Konyo-Konyo, Munuki, and Jebel markets are among those closed.

This comes a day after the traders accused Juba City Council of charging unnecessary fines and levying exorbitant taxes.

It will be recalled that traders earlier this month reacted to the directives of JCC to reduce price with skepticism and also complained of taxes and explained that prices of commodities in the market have not fallen. Though SSP gained, but no effect on the price of commodities.

The government was advised then to strengthen the taxation system adding that it should be in a position to know the origin of goods and their prices at the source. 

But unfortunately, the traders recently voice out some of the challenges they faced. The traders say they are facing the huge challenge of being asked to pay fines for unnecessary reasons under the Juba City Council and the chamber of commerce.

This according to the traders is a contributing factor to the high price of commodity in the market.

According to an Eye Radio report seen by NCMP, some traders said they pay fines ranging from 50,000 SSP to 300,000 SSP depending on the size of the shop.


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