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How to Apply Online for Ethiopian Passport

How to apply for Ethiopian Passport online easily?

Ethiopia Immigration, Nationality and Vital Events Agency (INVEA) is a government organization that able to process Ethiopian nationality passports. Besides, the agency processes the registration of vital events like marriage, birth, and death of the Ethiopian nation. So, what are you looking for? Would you like to learn more about the vital events of Ethiopia? Do you want further information about Ethiopian Passport Services? Do you want to apply for an Ethiopian passport online?

Certainly, many peoples are looking for passport renewal, passport data corrections, and passport replacement from abroad. But the challenges are lack of helping information to process online application.

Moreover, the INVEA has nine branches in different locations of Ethiopia to deliver Passport services. INVEA provides services to new Ethiopian Passport, Urgent services, passport data correction, and replacement for the damaged, expired, lost, and page run out the passport. So, each of inquires of Passport Services has its own specific requirements, application form, and passport services processing fee.

In other words, why do you want to apply for an Ethiopian Passport? Based on your need, you can select the category of requesting a schedule for an appointment. Before starting the schedule for the appointment, prepare the originals and photocopies of the required documents to apply for an Ethiopian passport. Hence, what are the documents required to apply for an Ethiopian Passport?

Requirements to New applicants of Ethiopian Passport

If you are a new applicant to New Ethiopian Passport, you must fulfill the following requirements. All the documents MUST have originals, and valid. When you apply, please don’t forget to attach these documents.

  • Kebele Identification Card (ID)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Personal Appearance
  • Supporting Documents ( for urgent cases)

How do I schedule an online appointment?

Scheduling of online appointment has four steps:

Step 1: Selecting Application Site. When selecting an application site, it is recommendable to select the branch office of INVEA nearby to where you issued your ID.

apply for Ethiopian passport

Step 2: Select an available date to visit INVEA to passport services where you selected the site. Don’t forget to select an appropriate time from morning or afternoon.

apply for Ethiopian passport

Step 3: Fill in Your Personal Information as mentioned in your Birth Certificate and Identification Card. Requirements with a strike (*) are important, but some information is additional about your personality. Moreover, upload a personal image, ID, and Birth Certificate documents, which should be less than 1MB. While upload supporting documents, scan all documents with the required size and quality.

apply for Ethiopian passport
apply for Ethiopian passport

Step 4: This is Summary sheet to check the information you are going to submit. Before you submit the final application form, check all the information one more to be sure.

apply for Ethiopian passport

Step 5: Payment is the last step of requesting a schedule for an appointment. Choose the bank and payment method to process the service fee. The service fee of the passport is 600 ETB. It should process the payment within 48 hrs. Don’t forget to print the document for your reference. Moreover, the printed application form helps you with the payment purpose.

apply for Ethiopian passport
apply for Ethiopian passport

For any further inquiry and clarification, call on 8133 or email: If you don’t have time or internet access, internet cafes found around INVEA in Addis Ababa fill the application forms on behalf of you. So, the applicants and representatives should go to these places in person.

How to Apply for Ethiopian Passport Renewal Online

Similarly, the renewal of an Ethiopian Passport requires an online appointment. The steps and procedures of the online appointments are the same as the applicants for new passport applicants. But the difference is the required document. So, what are the required documents to apply for the renewal of the passport?

Requirements to Renewal, a page run out, damaged, or Expired of Ethiopian Passport

Renewal or replacement of Ethiopian Passport like expired, damaged, and page runout passports require the following conditions:

  • Copy of the expired Passport’s information page
  • Service free 600 ETB

Requirements to apply for the Lost, or Stolen Ethiopian Passport

Lost or stolen passport replacement require the following documents. Therefore, prepare these documents before you apply.

  • Kebele Identification Card
  • Policy Evidence Letter (then, apply to the immigration office with the online application)
  • Copy of the lost or stolen Passport’s information page (if you have the copy)
  • Service free 600 ETB

Requirements to apply for the Change of Ethiopia Passport data

Data correction of the Ethiopian passport requires the following documents: So, the scanned copies of these documents are important for application.

  • Court Evidence Letter
  • Copy of the Passport’s information page
How can I pay for the online application of Passport?

When you complete the online application, select the payment option and bank. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) and Bank of Abyssinia are available banks. Besides, the POS and Amole payment methods help to access other banks’ accounts. The payment amount varies based on the service you request. For instance, the payment adds 50% of the regular price to the urgent services. The price of 64 pages passport is higher than 32 pages passport. The payment of the penalty for the lost passport is also additional.

On the other hand, all payments are online and by banks using the payment code created after submitting the application form. The agency will not accept payments in cash. Finally, mind attaching the payment slip to the organization. For more information, look at the payment table.

Passport StatusRegular Price (ETB)Urgent Price (ETB)
New Passport 32 pages/64 pages600.00/2186.00+50%
Expired Passport 32 pages/64 pages600.00/2186.00+50%
Lost/Stolen Passport 32 pages/64 pages1200.00/ 2186.00+50%
Passport Date Correction 32 pages/64 pages900.00/2186.00+50%
Damaged Passport 32 pages/64 pages900.00/3279.00+50%
Passport Page runs out 32 pages/64 pages900.00/3279.00+50%

While applying online, please don’t forget to check the requirements for urgent services if you are going to request urgent services. So, prepare essential documents to get urgent services. Ethiopian Immigration office requires a support letter and documents for all kinds of urgent passports.

Finally, contact the immigration office by short calling number or email. Moreover, take attention when somebody else fills your information. No short way or dealers to issue the passport.

Before going to apply for an Ethiopian passport, learn more about the requirements and procedures of issue damaged, a page run out, and lost passports. For any further inquiry of our information, please contact us or leave your comments.



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