Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Egypt’s Al-Azhar Institute’s call for Arab countries to "stand by Egypt and Sudan" has no religious basis – First Mufti Haji Omar Idris

Al-Azhar, an Islamic religious organization based in Egypt, has called on Arab countries to "stand by Egypt and Sudan" in connection with the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The council issued a press statement on the equitable use of the Grand Renaissance Dam. While the Ethiopian government’s stance on the Nile River is an African-centered approach, Egypt and Sudan’s "only for me" arrogance is unacceptable, said First Lady Mufti Haji Omar Idris.

The wealth that can benefit all riparian countries should not be limited to the benefit of a few, said Chief Mufti Haji Omar.
Regarding the 6th general election to be held on Monday, both before and after the election – regardless of the outcome – we must continue to maintain peace in a spirit of cooperation and respect, he said.

The President of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, Mufti Haji Omar Idris, has called on all to stand guard for the peace of the country after the election.


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