Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Colonel Lencho Edo, Commander-in-Chief of the 25th Motorized Peacekeeping Battalion in Abyei, conducted a patrol of the area.

According to Lencho, the preparation of the survey program will play an important role in the operation of the battalion, as it is difficult to carry out patrols in areas that are considered to be free zones.

He said the survey was carried out with the aim of boosting the confidence of UNICEF in the war-torn areas and the surrounding communities, as well as the areas where pastoralists are active during the winter and identifying areas where suspected militants are active.

He said it is important for the leadership to be aware of the nature of the day and night duties in the mandatory zone and the topography, as well as the tasks it will perform in conjunction with neighboring units.
Senior Ethiopian and Bangladeshi peacekeepers and line officers participated in the survey.


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