Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Ambassador Alemayehu Tegenu briefs media in Russia on significant issues in #Ethiopia

H.E. Ambassador Alemayehu Tegenu has made a press briefing to a group of Mass Media Outlets in his office today. His briefing covered a wide range of issues pertaining to the situations in the northern region of Tigray, the state of negotiation on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), the Ethio-Sudan border issue, the Up-coming 6th Ethiopian General Elections, and the bilateral relations between Ethiopia and the Russian Federation.

In regards to Tigray region, he has mentioned the efforts of the Federal Government in bringing the security into normalcy and the region can be accessed now without problem to provide humanitarian aid/assistance. He has also mentioned the activities of the government in the areas of supplying farm tools, seeds, fertilizers for the farmers, the provision of shelters to the internally displaced persons (IDPs), and making medicines available to the affected people in the region.

The Ambassador has also pointed out that the AU-led negotiation is the only way to solve the impass on the GERD issue. As per the border dispute between Ethiopia and the Sudan, coming on the table to negotiate by using the existing mechanisms is the only way out to solve the problem. But, to start any negotiation the Sudanese military forces have to leave Ethiopian territory they have occupied by force and go back to where they were before November 2020. Talking about the up-coming 6th General Elections in Ethiopia, he has said that the government has made a lot of efforts to make the election transparent, free, fair and democratic and the credibility and legitimacy of election in Ethiopia should not come from the outside observers, but the laws and institutions of the land and the people of Ethiopia themselves are the ones to do so. Finally, he has touched on the bilateral issues by saying that Ethiopia and the Russian Federation have a long history of diplomatic relationship which is getting more stronger at the moment than ever before.

After the press briefing of H. E. Alemayehu Tegenu, a cultural event was held in collaboration with Amicability Diplomatic Club in our Embassy where tradition dresses were shown.



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